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Who Are We?
Hey! We are HorizonMediaUK, we have been making videos on YouTube for a number of years, and it's recently began to gain a small but loyal fan base. Our videos consist of action related short films, mostly based or inspired on source material such as video game series, film series or comic books. We love doing what we do and we hope that we can do it forever, we never want to stop creating and making films!

Why Patreon?
Due to recent events with YouTube it's really difficult to make money from our views and videos, which isn't a priority but any extra money helps us be able to fund our projects and make them the best that we can. The problem with most of our ideas is that they involve a lot of time, money and resources that we just either don't simply have or need to wait whilst we save up, so Patreon is a great platform to enable us to have fan funding

What Would My Donation Help With?

Donations will help our videos incredibly, let me just roughly list some things that donations will help with:

Our biggest problem with most of our videos is making the characters seem like they fit in within the world they exist in, for example, a Fallout inspired short film would need clothing that could be ripped up and made to look post apocalyptic to suit the source material, for something like Star Wars we would need some futuristic blend clothing that fits the characters and world of Star Wars. 


We are constantly having to replace props because of how cheap they are. The main culprits are airsoft guns. We buy them already broken and modify them to work within our films, but the problem is the plastic is too delicate for the stuff we need to do with them, such as falling over or carrying them in a bulk to a film location. Having more money would allow us to buy more expensive props made from materials such as metal. 

Camera Kit
Camera's are constantly evolving, and with each year more high quality cameras and lenses come out. To stay up to date with the changing market, having help towards buying more expensive camera equipment would improve our quality immensely, this also includes camera rigs, microphones, lenses and steady cams too!

Another big problem is locations, we don't have many. We love the ones we reuse most of the time, but sometimes it gets noticeable that we reuse a lot of the same locations, but one of the main issues here is that properties that are owned by the government or private businesses often charge for us to be able to enter and film. Having help toward the cost of locations to rent out would allow us to have better looking locations and sets overall improving the realism in the worlds we create.

As we make more content and start production on new series such as "Watch Dogs - Take Control" it's always good to bring in new actors, only issue is unless they are either good friends of ours or just incredibly generous people, it's very difficult to hire actors on a hourly basis with a small budget. Having some help with paying our actors would mean we could bring a more diverse and talented cast to our videos. 

We have an insanely talented and creative music composer, but the only problem is that we don't have enough money to pay him for videos, he doesn't mind that we don't pay him but we feel that any bit of monetary help, either big or small would help him keep doing what he loves indefinitely. 

Editing Software
We pay for our editing programs monthly through Adobe Creative Cloud, it's not expensive but it does add up when we need money for different costumes and props like we mentioned before, so having help paying for our editing software would allow us to continue editing our content.


Pledging a donation to our Patreon will enable us to keep creating the content that we love to make until we are unable to do that, and believe me that will take a long ass time!
We hope that helps sum up briefly what a donation of our Patreon would help towards! SO, what are you waiting for, if you want to see our videos get better and better, then please consider pledging today! Big or small it doesn't matter, we'll still love you! Check out the rewards tab and see what awesome things you could gain from helping us out, and if you're still not convinced, watch the Intro Video posted above, check us out on YouTube and subscribe if you haven't already!

- HorizonMediaUK 

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Fifty dollars is an achievement, having that will enable us to save up faster for more kit used in our videos.
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