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5 Horticulture Lessons
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5 Horticulture lessons to get you excited about gardening

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5 Horticulture lessons + you can make suggestions for future topics. You'll likely get more bang for your buck if, for example, you own an orchard and I write a lesson on how to prune fruit trees. 

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5 Horticulture lessons + you can make suggestions for future topics. Additionally, you can ask me questions and I will respond within a week. For example, maybe you need a quick primer (background info that you may not have been exposed to) on nitrogen to fully understand a lesson on fertilizers. 




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The HortiCULTrevolt's mission is to explore the mysteries and truths of our holy plant kingdom. We indoctrinate budding gardeners, convert the plant curious, and help deliver everyone we can to paradise. Together, with pruners in one hand and the Vegetable Gardener's Bible in the other, we can exorcise black thumbs forever; fight off grassasins; and banish the bloominators to concrete hell. Beware: HortiCULT is the cult you'll never leave. Side effects of patronage may include dirty knees, unkempt fingernails, sore muscles, a stockpile of seeds, plant identification skills, a repertoire of horticultural knowledge, and an unending desire for farmland. Join our cult today and give obeisance to the holy plant kingdom!

For $2/month, you gain access to 5 extensive Horticultural Lessons, provided weekly. Topics run the gamut of nitrogen to something more practical such as pruning tips for Japanese maples. Maybe I'll get a wild hair and regale you with stories of an important plant, such as artemesia annua. But that won't happen too often. For $10/month, I will take into account your suggestions for lesson topics. For $15/month, I will answer your horticulture questions (to the best of my ability) within one week. Just know that I will try my best to make lessons interesting, accurate, and as free from grammar errors as possible. My goal is to get people excited about plants, green spaces, and solving environmental issues. For patrons and the public, I post a daily horticulture vocabulary word and its definition. If you find additional details about its origin or other fun facts, please leave a comment!

I have a B.S degree in Horticulture and I'm about to start a landscaping business in Portland, OR. This mean I have access to a wide variety of plant species, well-pruned specimens to admire, butchered specimens to learn from, landscaping faux pas, and seasonal delights. I thrive for a mindful approach to landscaping, using battery-powered tools whenever possible. Soil health, curb appeal, wildlife habitat and biodiversity are important to me.
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When I reach 2000 patrons, I will start a gardening magazine. Patrons that contribute $15/month will receive a magazine every quarter.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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