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Greetings, lad. I'm Horticulous Slimux, the one and only Grand Cultivator of Nurgle. This big old mollusk I'm on is Mulch, and if you smell something wonderfully rancid coming from his maw, it's because he likes to chow down on pesky nurglings. Besides gardening and spreading Nurgle's gift to an ungrateful galaxy when I'm told to, I also like reading stories in my spare time. As luck should have it, I also happen to be in possession of skills meant for making tales of my own.
Epic tales of fantasy and adventure. Of romance and woe. Of triumphs and hardships. Of yore and yet to be. These are what I have to offer you, lad. May you read 'em and enjoy! May you read 'em and be filled with all the mirth I can grant you.

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For my fanfiction, youse can find me 

For my specific fanfiction about some particular little ponies (if you value your life, you will not mock me for this passion), you can find me here.
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