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About Horus Rao

Horus RaoHi my Intore family. My intention since the day I pick up a guitar and start singing was to create art that inspire people to realize their dreams. To create songs and videos that entertain people and share my story, my culture, my musical influences. I wanted to also find a way to appreaciate and connect with those who have been supporting me since the beginning.

I realized that the best way to do that was through a site I already love and use, and that’s Patreon.

So, what is the Intore Family? This is where my fans, supporters, loved one meet , the place where I share the newest content-like music, videos, and creative projects- so you can get more connected with me (Horus Rao) and each other- your fellow members of the Intore Family.

Why join the Intore Family ?
  1. It helps me keep creating more music for you!
  2. It’s the most interactive and exclusive place for Horus Rao supporters on the internet.
  3. You get so many amazing perks! (see below)

Here’s what you get when you join:
  • Access to our exclusive Icon Intore Family Activity Feed, where we will be regularly checking in, interacting, and sharing big news first
  • The chance to screen our music videos a full day before everyone else
  • You opinion count on Horus Rao -related matters (like-Which song should we make a video for?? Who should be in our next fan Spotlight? )
  • First shot at limited edition VIP tickets. I announce them here first, and you get exclusive access to the secret link.
  • “Other cool perks !” Sound a little vague? Here’s why : I want to be creating this community together, and be constantly coming up with more creative ways to make it great. So I’ll be taking your ideas for new perks and content to add in the coming months.

How it works:
Scroll through the perks on the right and pick which level you want. I wanted to make this accessible to everyone, so membership levels range from $1 to $1000 a month. You get tons of members-only content, and your support allows me to keep creating that content for you and others to enjoy. Pretty cool, huh?

Now that I am independent, I am relying on my Intore family like never before in order to keep making the music I love to make. No matter what level you want to join, I am so grateful to have you in my corner, and am stoked to be launching a community where my amazing friends and fans can feel at home.

I feel blessed to have fans like you! You, my Intore family, who are willing to help fortify me and be a part of who I am and what I do. Your support means the world to me!

PS: Can't join right now? No worries! I will still be interacting on our regular social networks, and have nothing but love for each and every one of my listeners!

I love you all!
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$51 of $1,000 per videos, songs
Thank you for the support, I want to be able to meet you and thank you in person for your support as my Intore family, It's time to make History
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