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About The Hosnovan Co.

Hello!  We're the Hosnovan Co.  We've got goals, and our biggest one is to make people smile.  It may sound ridiculous, but it's true...  We created this company to ultimately make people happy.  Our first attempt at a product was a game called Bad Words - a dirty minded version of the classic game Taboo.  How come that game isn't out?  Because it's incredibly expensive to produce mass copies of a game, no matter how fun and awesome it is.  In order for a small business such as ours to bring these ideas to life, it takes a lot of pre-sales to guarantee we won't lose an immense amount of money on an idea.   Pre-sales requires a lot of people knowing who we are and what we do.  In this day and age, that requires a little bit of money already coming in to pay for advertising, promotional materials, prototypes and a whole lot more. 

So that is why we're here on Patreon!  We only have one pledge level, for now, and we think it's a pretty good deal!  $5 and you'll get some random cool stuff.  Everyone loves stickers, but we'll do our best to make sure that the things you get in the mail make you smile - not make you think "Wow... I wasted $5 investing in these losers and their terrible ideas and terrible stuff."   We'll work with friends to continue adding cool things to what we offer, comics, custom art prints, etc. 

Hopefully you're in a position where if you wanted to buy a Big Mac and Fries, or a Pumpkin Spiced Latte then you could just get it without hesitation.  If you are, and you don't mind occasionally dropping $5 on a whim, consider putting it toward our vision and dreams and join us for our ride! 

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Assorted Small Merch!  You'll always get some stickers, but we'll also be throwing in random assorted things as well! So if you like things like buttons, lanyards, beer coozies, guitar picks, wrist bands, bottle openers, etc then this is going to be like your birthday, but every month!  What you get, and what it has on it will always be changing.  Sometimes it will be Hosnovan branded products, but other times it will just be something we think is fun, funny, or awesome.
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We will add a new pledge tier which will be for $25/month and will include a custom shirt delivered monthly as well as the other items found in our $5 pledge.
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