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About House of Jerk

Whats going on Guardians i'm the Jerk a Streamer that has a fanatical obsession with Destiny. I love streaming every night and hanging out with ya'll and would love to continue to do it full time!

Join my Patreon Team and support me in my goal of quitting my real job so I can entertain you full time!
For as little as $1 a month you can show your support for all the amazing times we have and ensure the good times continue

   I'm Jerk on behalf of all the H.o.J Raiders
   You stay Frosty Guardians...cheers

Welcome to the House of Jerk!
[FoF] House of War Admin Xbox one GT: jerkim4ever hanging out and running with the mighty Federation of Fathers.
If you love to hang out, play Destiny and drink beer this is the place for you!

House of Jerk Live Stream
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House of Jerk Live Stream

I so want to keep making awesome  Gaming Streams for ya'll but I need your guys help to keep this stream going. All donations will be used to improve the Stream

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