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$3 grants you entry into the private Banana Discord server! Here you may freely ask me for tips and advice on trading, discuss and make suggestions about the channel, or just chat with me about pretty much anything.
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About HoveringBanana

Ayyy, what's up, guys - it's HoveringBanana.

I create YouTube videos that focus on helping you trade in Rocket League. I decided to create this Patreon for any of you wonderful fans that wanted to show additional support on top of viewing and commenting. The proceeds will go towards improving the quality of this channel with the main goal being an upgrade to my Internet connection.

Some examples of the content I make are:
  • Trading series - where I try to trade up to a single valuable item and explain the whole process: why I'm making certain trades, how much profit I'm making, where I found each trade, etc
  • Trading montages - similar to the trading series but a lot shorter since I cut out all the discussions.
  • Guides on specific areas of trading, such as not getting scammed.
  • News and announcements on new content or changes being made to trading and the game as a whole.
  • And other non-trading related videos such as crate openings and giveaways.

Thanks for checking out my Patreon! If you decide not to join, don't fret - even a simple view on one of my videos helps the channel grow, so thank you <3
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The first $100 (or any amount under this) will go towards upgrading my Internet connection. I currently only have a 4 meg line with about 45 KBps upload. These slow speeds limit me to 720p and sometimes delay a video from being published by a day. With a faster connection, I could upgrade to 1080p (possibly even 60fps). I would also love to do some streaming with the community - you could watch me trade (with analysis) or join in for some games. A live chat would be great to answer any of your questions about trading.
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