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Working Artists
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It's difficult to support the things you love on a tight budget. We struggle daily ourselves. A gift as small as $1 a month can make a huge difference in what we can accomplish. Your visible commitment will help others make the decision to join our community of support.

If you cannot afford to join us with a regular monthly contribution or you wish to return a little of the funds you've saved because of our homestead, please visit @humanesustainability on and make a one time commitment to our growth. Every Penny Counts!

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We strive to make all information gathered and learned free to all so that everyone can create an offgrid oasis of their own. Please join our community as a unicorn. The more unicorns join us, the more we will have the ability to share and the farther our message will reach. Your regular commitment here will create a more secure environment for those who don't know us personally. Your support will show others that this project is worth the investment.

If you would rather make a tangible contribution, we are currently creating a universal registry for the items needed in the renovations. We will post a link here as soon as its live.

Radically Kind Patron
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Are you fed up with everything and want to make an immediate real, tangible, direct impact? Want to help break the system? This is the tier for you!

Every month, we will add your help to the principle payment of the Homestead mortgage.

Everything involving Capitalism on the Homestead is directly attached to and calculated with this figure. The lower it gets, the lower the rent payments downstairs get.

Help us create Biannual Rent Reductions. 

Vote with your dollar. Seriously, let's make this a thing. Renters should get equity benefits too.




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Welcome to the Urban Homestead! 

Going off-grid can be easy and affordable, if only someone would tell us all how! That's the goal of Humane Sustainability.

Utilizing the free sources available through social media, this project aims to provide all the inner tricks and advice to create your own off-grid homestead and save money while doing so. The project was launched while we were renting the current homestead. The ongoing large step is the one that so many others struggle with as well - Purchasing a home. We've spent the last few years sharing the little things like laundry soap recipes and bulk pantry upkeep, the things that could be done by renters. With the launch of this central information source, we plan to share the journey of taking the homestead off the grid. We plan to power not one, but two homes! One for ourselves and one to share with our community in the form of affordable housing for artists.

We do not believe the world requires capitalism. We believe that we live in a world where we can all help each other. Bartering, patrons, upcycling, and creating/growing your needs can get us all so much farther then we realize. All we need to do is share more with each other. We need to truly want to help each other.

We began by very closely watching where our dollars go (Vote with your dollar!).

Our next step is securing a home purchase. We've been seeking a property and financing for over a decade and are so close! We are currently working on a direct sale with the owners of our home of the last six years. Financing is our biggest hurdle.

We will update on the running financial goals of the homestead here while sharing how to's via Instagram and research via Facebook. Our hope is to help folks lower their carbon footprint and provide information to achieve a reduction affordably. Along the way, we will bring the renters of the lower unit with us. As we lower the expenses of the property, we will pass that good fortune on via lower rent for that unit. Our ultimate goal is three private temperature controlled rooms in an 1100 square foot apartment for $500 per month each. 

Please join our community by becoming a Patron and if you, like us, struggle to find a little extra money to support the things you believe in, please follow the homestead's social media accounts for valuable ways to save funds to direct toward the causes you believe in (hopefully us!).

We can't wait to share more and help everyone we can. Climate change and housing insecurity affect us all. This is our small way of working to change the tide. Please join us.

With love,
~ Two Working Artists and a Menagerie of Cats

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