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is creating governance proposal for 21st century
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About Humanity v2.0

The humanity manifesto attempts to outline the solutions, to resolve the crisis of 21st century. I have been researching on for a couple of months now. I romantically named it the humanity manifesto. It's my version of a non profit unity movement around some fundamental changes we need to make in our society to achieve true social welfare sustainably. There lies some challenges that we as a human species are not even prepared to imagine. Here is the draft outilining the rules of this infinite game so far. It points out the possible solutions around mitigiating the crisis caused by transition to this industry v4.0.

For a while I have been drafting it in terms of social horror stories and crisis but, it seems like a more logical way to approach it is in terms of not the war between "left" and "right" ideologies fractally penetrating our social ecosystem, but on the how of "forward" direction. I firmly believe that as a society, somewhere down the line we got so distracted that we forgot to solve the problem of how, being trapped between the politics of power and poverty. Andrew Yang's thought on the matter have inspired me to dig a bit deeper

I look forward to performing thorough data analysis and challenging my opinions on the matter. It's high time to unite people from all spheres working to make this world a better place and focus on actionable and revised metrics of success in 21st century. It's time for the youth to stop fighting the wars of our fathers, and their fathers. We need to focus on building a more sustainable future. And be data driven in our approach. 

Post achieving goal #1 of the patreon, the future goals are strictly non profit in nature and the money is to be funelled in the research, ecosystem and taxes. Essentially to fund the program in all entirety.
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Increase investment into active research, roadmap prioritization and management. At present it is a passive research project. Active work is required to build and nurture the community around the movement.
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