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About Humble Hands

We are just a family of seven from the city, who are making a go of farming and supporting ourselves wth a small family business. If you would like to join us as we stumble towards sustainability for the sacred land, ourselves, and our community, then please throw what you can towards our goals. As we began our family, Michelle had the amazing opportunity to choose home birth in the water for all 5 children. Our midwife's assistant blessed us by encapsulating the placenta of the first two. Michelle found it so supportive for energy and hormonal balance, that Jeff got trained as a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. You can learn more about that service we offer locally here. We do homeschooling now with the older kids. Between chores, community get togethers, church, and adventures with the animals, we keep them pretty busy. We are chemfree, and moving toward permaculture and holistic management goals for all aspects of the farm. You can find the farm blog here on our website. 

We use Young Living Essential oils for preventative care and to support our body systems. As they expand their supplement, baby care, dental care, and all natural house cleaner line, they have become our go to natural lifestyle choice. As you amazing people join us on this sacred journey, Young Living helps us pay the bills and provide business opportunities to those who wish to work from home. Michelle has built quite an Instagram following over the last 10 years, and will be sharing her Social Media Marketing tips here. She also does marketing videos in our private Humble Tribe Facebook group for those who join our Young Living team

Michelle just finished her online classroom training to become a Certified Holy Yoga Instructor. She's attended the week long Immersion in May 2019. Thereafter we will be creating classes you can attend here, from the comfort of your own home. Michelle will also be offering Yoga classes here locally at a church in Adamsmills. 

There is an elegant interdependence to the natural world with so many amazing aspects to learn about and steward, that we never stop learning. So join us if you will, and we can learn together as technology erases the distance between us.

Thank you to all our fans and patrons. We truly appreciate your support!
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We would love to get some better video editing equipment and software to make the classes and tips you enjoy that much more beautiful!
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