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Old Work Made New Again
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For a pledge of TWO BUCKS a month, which comes out to around $0.16/page, you will receive Hunter Black wallpaper for your computer desktop three times a year, plus you will receive a PDF of each book of Hunter Black as they drop. (We sell them on ComiXology for $0.99/each.)
One Step Ahead of Everybody Else
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For a pledge of FIVE BUCKS a month, you will receive both of the rewards we give to the $2 Patrons, plus you will receive a weekly PDF of the upcoming pages every Sunday, so you can stay ahead of the curve. 
Let's Get Physical!
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For a pledge of TEN BUCKS a month, you will receive all the benefits of the previous two tiers, PLUS we will mail you copies of every physical book of Hunter Black published material as they are produced. (That's currently a 288-page trade paperback collecting Books 1-4 and floppies of Books 1-7.) You'll receive one book a month until you have EVERYTHING, and then receive new books as they're produced.




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About Hunter Black Comics

Justin Peniston and William Orr are Big & Tall Tales, Inc., and we make stuff. We make comics and cartoons and books and shirts and prose and any damn thing that a writer and an illustrator can get up to together. (Don't tell my wife!)

Hunter Black is our flagship creation, a webcomic that we update three days a week, and as most webcomics are, it's COMPLETELY FREE. Indeed, thus far, we are paying for the privilege of entertaining you, between fees for web design and hosting, and what we pay Jacob Bascle, our incredible logo/lettering demigod, this sets us back.

Any other money that we make allows us to devote less time to our restaurant jobs and more to producing Hunter Black as well as our other projects. Heck, in a perfect world, we can update Hunter Black FIVE DAYS A WEEK, and still work on Planet Pantheon (a webcomic that's currently on hiatus), Rocket Queen and The Wrench, and the upcoming Cassie Cometstail and The Haunted Star...but that's a pipe dream at the moment. Ultimately, our only goal is to make a decent living doing what we love...which is making something for you to love (hopefully).
$154 of $200 per month
When we hit a goal of $200/month, we'll making enough to cover paying Jacob (our lettering guru) and for our hosting, with a little left over to take out some ads of our own.
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