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This amount is great for those on a budget who still want to help support me each month! I appreciate it very much!
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You rock! Not only that, but 5$ reward tiers get sneak peaks at new series/videos!

You will also receive a special Role in my discord that gives you access to my Youtube channel, where you can find sneak peeks to my upcoming videos!

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10$ Patrons will get their name displayed on the Special Thanks section of my website, along with lower tier rewards!
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About HuskySlug

Hey slugs, Husky here! I set up this patreon so my fans can help support me as I continue to produce youtube and streaming content! Tipping of course never required! I will continue to happily produce content one way or another, but every cent helps keep the lights on!
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With this I'll be able to put out higher quality videos, much more often! Thank you so much!
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