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My names Hanna, but in the Internet world I go by Hybryda, or Bryda for short. I'm old hag, I mean I'm 27 old hag that like to create. It was like that from times long forgotten I call childhood. 

Create You ask? But what do you create? 

I'm glad you ask!


This was my first passion. And it still can make me sick when I don't draw something in long time. I feel bad and wasting away if I don't sketch some silly idea. Artblock are extra painful. 


in 1998 or something like that I was on my first convention. There I learned what cosplay is and very next one I was already dressed. But dressing up is not the beloved part of the hobby. Once again is the creation side. I love to figure out and make my costumes. Bring a bit of this fantasy to real world. 


I started with static pictures and then... learned that making them move... just a bit makes my heart skip a beat. few frames and suddenly this character of mine blinks or jumps. I love all types of animations, be it 2D, 3D stopmotion...


Back in the day I tried this small program for 3D, you might hear about it... Blender? but it was long ago and I could not force myself to learn much. But around 2 years ago I got my hands on 3D printer and I got this final push to learn the program. It helped that it got much more user friendly. It all stared with modeling for 3D printing only, but soon I saw the potential. Still have a lot to learn but I do love to make item art and soon first illustrations and complex animations


There is probably more. I work on MOONLIGHT PROJECT - design compendium for all Sailor Moon, I do want to learn in near future game design and animatronic. I design dresses based on pop-culture. And I want to share my travel with You. 


I do a lot. I want to make more. But at the moment I'm limited by time and funds I can spend. I don't expect for patreon to be my main source of income, but that would add a bit of stability. I might take a bit less commission work and devote myself to things above. Create for the sake of creating.
I have only one pledge tier. Wonder why I call it Narwhals? It is simple - a group is called a blessing and that what you are for me (don't cry bryda, you are not done yet)


Everyone counts. No matter haw much you want to send my way, you matter and I love You. 
Look to the right. That is a lot I give to You. Some things are early access, some are patreon exclusive. 
Next year would for sure be better year. (This one was personally bad year with a lot of bad behind me)
I have a ton of costume planned and You will see all the progress photos at least few a week when I work on personal costume, as I love to overshare my work. Working on some new prop. Be ready to get this blueprints so You could tackle them also. Wondering how work goes on this or that piece of art? Wonder no more, if there is a progress, even a bit, You will see that. 
Also at times I get photos from photoshoots all in one batch. And it is up to me to distribute them. You will get all the photos the day I have them. No more waiting for weeks for me to burn through. And there are at least a photoshoots I have already planned. What's more? Printable art. Lineart and color art in 100% resolution. Just... don't resell it ok? 

Oh and I would forgot. At least one secret cosplay project. Only you will know that I work on this or that. Only you will see the WIPs and if possible You will be one of the first to see it finished.

1% complete

Faster work on moonlight project. But not only that, I would start working on modeling Moon Palace. Not only exterior, but interior as well. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 121 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 121 exclusive posts

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