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Monthly Backer
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Backers are the backbone of the servers! I need 5+ backers per month to host for a month.

I will offer any backer:

- Backer Discord Role

 -  (Jojo server)  access to /sethome and /home 

-  (DBC server)  2,000 TP per day in form of tokens 

Includes Discord benefits
VIP Squad
per month

Half of cost of an apex server hosting per month. Donate this tier and... I'll be very happy!

I will offer any VIP:

- VIP Squad Discord Role

 -  (Jojo server)  access to /setwarp in addition to /sethome commands

-    (DBC server) 20,000 TP per day in form of tokens

Includes Discord benefits
MVP Squad
per month

Pay for an entire month of hosting, monthly. With this sort of support I may be able to host multiple servers.

I will offer any MVP:

- MVP Role in Discord

- (Jojo Server) access to /back, in addition to warp and home commands

- (DBC server) 100,000 TP per day in form of tokens 

Includes Discord benefits




per month


Hello. I am a modpack author for Minecraft. My creations are very stable and unique, but now I'm looking at starting servers. I will need funding from the community to make this dream a reality.

Among my modpacks, there are:
DBC Grand Tour: A Dragon Ball themed modpack with many planets to explore
Sonic Rising: A Sonic themed modpack bundled with a custom built adventure map
Darkvein: Vampires! A very hard modpack that is RPG-esque
Starlight RPG: Another RPG modpack with magic and transformations

Naturally, I am not asking for money for the content of these modpacks. While I put in countless hours of work, the mods that compose them and franchises that inspire them are not owned by me, and proper credit is given where due. Rather, I am asking for money for the work I do to compile, fix, and most importantly hosting servers for them.
$3 of $25 per month
$25 is the amount I am losing on servers each month, thankfully jojovein is now taken care of by bisect hosting.
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