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I'm Jocelyn L. Jensen; a Certified and Diploma bearing Hypnotherapist and Experimental Sound Designer with a decidedly "geeky" bent to my life.  I constantly push the envelope on my abilities, refusing to become hidebound in any one section of art.  My goal as both as Hypnotist and Sound Healing innovator, as to help as many people as possible in my time on the earth.  If you should choose to become my patron, your support will be used to keep my hypnotic and musical creation skills on the path of growth, and also to increase my posting rate on YouTube in the face of recent events which some in panic have labeled a "crisis" or "Ad-pocalypse". You may already be giving me the support of your views. Why not take it one step farther in order to help me to create more videos more often?

I'm also a very responsive YouTube Creator, so don't hesitate to reach out to me via either YT PM,  video comments, or the channel's Discussion or G+ Page.

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