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Patron donations directly contribute to my well-being, health, living situation, etc. 

Generally speaking it let's me not be homeless and helps me take time off of work to create videos moreoften.
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- Automatically entered into raffles/giveaways for goodies for the future (In development but stay tuned!)

$1 Goes a long way and helps more than you think! Thanks der bucko!
I'll also try to tattoo your name into my consciousness, results vary.
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- Access to my patreon-only feed (Behind-the-scenes, upcoming projects, content votes, random extra info)
- You'll get to see new videos a day before they release (Roughly 12-24 hours before being released to the public)
- View upcoming projects/videos and vote on projects/videos (Directly impact the type/time of video releases)
- Make me feel like the prettiest princess
- Plus above tier rewards
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- Weird as hell photo (I'll literally send you a photo of my face covered in a condiment of your choice or something else weird within reason)
- Acknowledgement (that you literally paid extra money for a grown man to cover his face with ketchup and stare sexually into a camera while holding up a bottle of lotion or whatever you want me to do within reason and sfw) Received over facebook page messaging
-Plus above tier rewards
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- End of Video Credits (The name/username you desire will be featured at the end of my videos and you will be a goddamn wizard)
- Open Game Invites (Play a game with us and whenever we have a spot open in league we'll always throw an invite your way)
- Monthly In-house game (Get an invite to a monthly inhouse game with discord voice chat between everyone) Schedules posted on facebook page HERE
- Imagine a dog barking (yeah idk)
- Plus above tier rewards
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- Game Video of your choice (You pick the game, I'll play it and make a video on it, delivery time varies)
- Add you on Steam/League (aka buy my friendship, kek)
- Voice recording (One voice recording 200 characters or less saying anything unpromotional in nature within reason with an accent of your choice, warning it may be a shitty accent) No racism, excessive hate speech or knee slapping.
- Like holy mother of fuck are you forreal? (is this a prank?)
- Plus above tier rewards
$0 of $5 per month
We're gonna buy a subway sammich and upload a video of me eating it because that's some real quality content
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