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About I3asil

Hi there! 
The name's Basil but with an I and a 3 instead of a B! Just like the herb.
I am a person of many hobbies, among them 3D Printing, Art, Video Creation, Gaming, Game Design and even writing Novels! So if you're interested in seeing the Variety of stuff I do, you've come to the right place!
I'm Currently focusing on Streaming and Novel Writing. I am saving up for a good enough Camera to record my process with the 3D Printing/Modelbuilding hobby. 
I am but a small plant, so I really photosympathise with you for supporting me. You Patreons, Followers and Subscribers are the roots that hold me up!
I wish to build a community, a garden where everyone can have a creative outlet and share their content. So should this Patreon ever get big, I will make a dedicated Discord Server for fans and supporters. 
I am still currently setting all of this up, so some settings and details might change, I thank you for your time and patience!

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