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  •  Pledging even just $1 a month helps very much. It keeps me
    being able to do this and it's something I really enjoy and want
    to keep and continue to create quality and actually funny
    content. All funds will
    be invested into my channel so I can continue to improve and
    produce quality, not lazy garbage content.
  • Anyone who decides to pledge a $1 a month or more will have their name put at the end of every video and description for the entire month. 
  • I will continue to add more rewards for donating over time.I thank every single one of you for all your support and donations, it helps me tremendously and I can't thank you enough.




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YouTube content creator that enjoys busting balls and could use the extra cash for more equipment to make better quality videos and live-streams. I'm happy I could put busting balls in bold text.
I do a variety of different things on YouTube. I most enjoy making comedy videos and never enjoy limiting what I can joke about when making a video or working on a project. It's something I truly enjoy being able to and have fun posting actually funny type of videos that don't submit to SJW's who cry over spilled milk. I appreciate all of the support and would love to continue doing this. In return to your donations, you will get to enjoy some funny ass videos and streams, you have my word on that. OP will deliver...
$0 of $125 per month
Currently it would really help out to earn some money so I can buy some more PC equipment and recording equipment. Various things I could use to increase the quality of my content and continue doing this on a weekly basis are listed below. I would at least like to check two of these things off my list since it would help a ton. In return, you will get to enjoy some funny ass videos and streams, you have my word...
  • Windows 10
  • Camcorder to film higher quality videos
  • Upgrade PC Ram
  • Various other parts for my rig
  • Wireless mic for Camcorder
  • Capture Card
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