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Yo how are you defualts doing?
Anyway. Hi thank you for atleast clicking onto my channel never mind coming onto my patreon to consider donating anything of yours to me ( just someone who makes videos online ) 
Anyway in conclusion if you can give me anything at all even if it is 50 Cents (Pence) i am EXTREMELY grateful
lets be honest i'm actually really stupid so i cannot see my myself getting any good grades for a good job (income) hate to say that i'd like to do YouTube for the money but i would love to be able to do this shit as a job. If my YouTube really was making me a *ok* income then i would concentrate less on my school work and produce more videos because i do hate the idea of a 9 till 5 job and being told what to do by somone who was born into a better family than mine.
you get me?
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