is creating Music, singing prayers and produce to tell you her story.

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My name is Indiia from Brazil. I studied Drama in 2007 but I didn't finished the course because I felt adventurous to express myself on dynamic ways. I decided to study English in Ireland and the empirical saga of personal growth and art expression had started. There I had the chance to stretch myself in thousand pieces and see the edges of my creativity and imagination. Since I left my home Town my life have been a mix of novel and many times a terror movie. Even now still not easy to leave the comfy of the family and a familiar place to be travel around the world chasing who I am for real. I felt the urge on my soul to challenging myself and figure out things that I know today and nothing could stop me. I tried to fit in in many places and always I felt unhappy, I felt I born with a dept which I never was conscious about, now after a lot time and reflection I realise the dept of to be a woman in a dominant male world. Until 24 years old I never felt different of the boys as I grow up with 6 brothers and played like equal, but every job and every situation that a lived of assault and abuse  from man made me to try to understand that but right now I don't want to focus in this negative experiences , as I me here writing right now , means that I managed to survive and that is what really matters. Now using my own resources I'm working building art installations, making mandalas and learning to tell my story through music. Music is an endless resource of life force and inspiration for me and because that I overcame all the pain, depression, doubts and existential crises that I passed true.
Today I'm autonomous artist and spiritual thinker highly sensitive, my creativity is based in mysterious dynamics  that once I get  involved I won't let it drops for no reason.
I'm multitask, multidimensional being. I allow myself to be challenged and I get inspired from it and to do something I never did before is my main driver. Part of my life purpose is stand against devastation in the rain forest and rise awareness about indigenous people in Brazil. I truly believe if I get the resources that I need I'll make something great for humanity through my music and art work otherwise I wouldn't even try. I hope many people like me coming together in this endeavour to produce my first EP album and video clips.

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