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About Daniel Isles「DirtyRobot」

D I R T Y • R O B O T  W O R K S

Hi, my name is Daniel Isles otherwise known as Dirty Robot. I'm an illustrator + comic artist currently based in Hokkaido, Japan. With your support as a patron, you'll help to balance everyday life and freelance work to focus on production to create more content for you. By pledging a small amount every month, you'll gain access to my work in progress drawings, comics, sketches, general ideas generation and more. Not to mention all the cool Patreon exclusive postcards and prints I'll send out each month. Plus, you'll also receive a special password to the +ROOM section on my website that's only available to the Patreon community:-)

Current Project
In addition to everything mentioned above, you'll have exclusive behind the scenes access to my comic project, JOYAMA. Completed pages uploaded on a weekly basis.
How Does Patreon Work? 
If you enjoy my work and would like to support my art, simply choose an amount you'd like to contribute to each month from one of the 3 reward tiers (it's totally up to you how much you want to give to support my work). In return, you'll have access to exclusive Patreon content.

Payment is processed during the first week of each month and rewards will be distributed and
shipped throughout the month. To become a patron today please hit the "BECOME A PATRON" button and select the amount you'd like to pledge!

Thank you for your support!

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