is creating Ignorance Was Bliss... a podcast about crime and psychology
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You can come and go as you please, but only with an escort. For your safety.

...actually, you get stickers. Access to bonus episodes. And admission to the patron-only Facebook group, for polls, monthly drawings and general discussion...

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You get to go wherever you want within the IWB Asylum, but your responsibility is limited to keeping people in... or out. 

...actually, you get stickers and bonus episodes and monthly drawings, too. You also get an actual key. 

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You get to decide who actually gets those keys... but beware, with that power comes guilt and worry and self-doubt (or maybe that was just me??).

...OK, really, you get all the same perks as the other tiers, plus you can choose the topic for an episode (including an interview, if you'd like). 




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About Kate


Seriously, you guys? Thank you for even checking my Patreon site. This is all so overwhelming and amazing.

Talk to me. Tell me if you'd like to see something change or appear on the show. Tell me if you have an episode idea. Tell me if you like weird dark memes. Whatever. I won't promise to always meet demands, but I'll always listen.

In the meantime, I'll keep talking about just how un-bizarre and realistic those super-scary aspects of life can be... as long as you're sure you really want to know...
$259 of $300 per month
Adding up hosting fees, my cute little microphone, perks and postage, I'm guessing that around $300 is when I can stop worrying that my little hobby is creating a drain on the household finances and start deciding exactly which model office chair and space heater I'd like to save up for.
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