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Hey there,

Short Version: I'm Kim F. I live to write. I write to live. On Medium, I write about anything and everything that inspires me, On, I write about lifestyle and the pursuit of happiness.  On I write about fitness.  I am also writing a book.  Your donation will help me continue on.

The Very Long Version:
I'm Kim... Kimberly Fleming is my government name (hence, the brand name KIMf) and Keep It Moving Fitness (also know as KIMf) is my fitness website and video platform.  I started it after I watched cancer and diabetes take my dad from me. That was over 10 years ago. His death really  took me on a downward spiral but I eventually picked myself up and decided that I wanted to make it my life's mission to help people move more and eat better.  So, I quit law school and my job at one of the biggest law firms in the world and finally... I went to work. My goal has been to make fitness, health, wellness a little less burdensome and to cut through the narcissistic crap that is fitness in our social media world and provide do able workouts and tips that can actually change lives.

My contributions to society are birthed through my writings and videos on my blogs, in magazines, and YouTube.  Writing has always been my first love. To see that people resonate and are impacted by my words is the ultimate reward.  There is no greater feeling. I've been blessed to have my  work published in just about every lifestyle and fitness magazine. I am also working on my book, Eating Well When Eating Well Sucks (released, Summer '17).   I am an avid reader. The words that I read are constantly inspiring me to create more.

I am a also a mother of the best little boy in the world and a future wife. My future last name is Gray. The inspiration for my second writing platform. GrayLove, a lifestyle media platform. The birth of my son taught me that there's something much bigger to this world of healthy living than fitness and I wanted to write about other areas of life that could contribute to overall hapiness. The beautiful chaos of motherhood taught me that life is so much more AWESOME if you can choose happiness no matter where you are in life; even if it's on the road to where you are going. GrayLove is about the transitions in life.  At GrayLove, our mission is to motivate and empower readers to Live Life Love Life during the in between stages of where they once were and where they want to be. Through our lifestyle, business, wellness, and beauty features, we want to inspire women (and men) to be the best versions of themselves right now while promoting continuous growth through self-care and self knowledge.

#thatgrayspace Gray is the space between Black and white; the space between where you once were and where you are going.... Happiness Can Live Here

With all of this writing and pushing people  to be the best versions of themselves, I realized that my mission needs support.

That's where you come in:

In order to reach more people, impact more lives and keep this movement going,  I need people like you, on board  and make a lot of noise.  You becoming a patron will help me do more ... better. If you've ever read one of my articles in a magazine or online, or if you have ever done one of my fitness videos, or if I've helped you through a breakup, or if I've helped you lose 100 pounds or even 2 pounds then you know the passion, level of commitment, and hard work I dedicate to this community.

Your monthly contribution will get you all of this CRAZY exclusive stuff:
  • Workout Videos that will help you FINALLY meet your fitness goals 
  • Meal Plans and nutritional guidance 
  • Health/fitness/wellness research without all the BS. 
  • close to a trainer (me) who actually cares and want to see you win...
For less than a cup of coffee you get to take control over you life and I get to come along with you on the ride. 

I am passionate about the work and dedicated to the mission. Every dollar, any dollar will help me impact lives. 

Thank you.
No ... seriously.. thank you.


For real ... THANK YOU!!!!

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Ah!!! The life of a creator... we want to inspire, impact lives, change the world, create just one more smile... but we have to eat and try our best to avoid burnout!  Thank you for any kind of help

Keep it Moving Fitness Goal
Bring you workouts that you can do and full meal plans to your home.   This additional funding milestone is to help take more of the burden out of fitness and healthy living. This will provide me resources to help you take the guess workout out of dinner time and exercise time. There is so much information on the internet but very little that can actually help you. I am eliminating the crap and bring you fitness that you can actually do. Goal: reach millions and grow this lifestyle media platform to epic levels to include advice columns, wellness and lifestyle tips to help you choose happiness no matter what stage of life you are in. #thatgrayspace Gray is the space between Black and white; the space between where you once were and where you are going....  Happiness Can Live Here
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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