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About Ibolya Beres

Heeey Beautiful Soul,

I am thrilled and honored to meet your eyes reading these words in this very moment. I feel that your online steps guided you somehow so we can meet  here, beyond time and space. Here, into the now, on this very page, in the space between the words, sharing one profound moment of soul connection.

In full presence, together in spirit. Before anything else, I invite you to take a moment only to BE... in this beautiful space we created together out of time, roles, stories and circumstances.

We are LIFE. We are both Divine Beings and Humans. Equally innocent and pure. In this moment of presence, our souls smile. Because it is in the pauses, that we can listen to the calling of our souls. In the space between words, in the moments of just being ourselves, in following our intuition is where we understand the language of our soul, we can speak our Truth, our Voice can be heard, our Mind is shining clarity, our Body becomes not just a vehicle but a Temple of Miracles.

We often forget to slow down and „smell the roses”. We often forget to open up and connect from the heart with those who we meet.

So, Beautiful Soul, thank you deeply for this moment we shared together. Thank you for stooping and listening the calling of your soul.

I just spread my wings and started this journey of sharing my heart, my knowledge, my knowing, my teaching and my wisdom through inspirational articles, drawings, pictures, audio and video files.

All these are an alchemical result of many, many sources: sacred geometry and mistery schools, ancient teachings, philosophy, psychology, spiritual and ancient knowledge, numerology, crystals energy, mayan astrology and wisdom, Human Design and many others. I want to give very special thanks to the Gene Keys wisdom brought to the world by Richard Rudd, which is the most comprehensive synthesis of ancient and modern teachings and wisdom and which can unlock the higher purpose hidden in your genes.

You will find here weekly energy insights that you can apply in your daily life for making it easier, brighter and happier. You will find articles, quotes, inspirational selection of wisdom, shifts that are happening and how we will anchor the future human being. All the content has a special energetic signature which will magically raise your vibration and it will activate your life energy. My wish is that you fully enjoy being alive.

My creation is my life and I am happy to share the gifts I received , to connect with you during this journey and to be at service.
I am looking forward to having you as a member in my community of heart&mind alike patrons.

I am honored to receive your support for my continuous development and growth and to share together the beauty of this amazing and ever surprising journey called LIFE.

In La Kesh

See you on the other side :-)
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