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  • Patrons get to see the new illustration work 1 week before it gets posted anywhere else. 
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Hello! Welcome to my Revenge/Action/Thriller Film Illustration Patreon!

Recently, I gave myself the task of designing my own 9"x12" poster illustrations inspired by all of the 24 James Bond movies and posting them on my twitter page. I hadn't anticipated the community of Bond enthusiasts that I would come to know through the exercise, and the fun discussions that would result from it.

I loved it so much that I wanted to keep creating posters inspired by other movies that I love, particularly in the Revenge-Action-Thriller genre, with a way to include other movie art enthusiasts in the process. So, I decided to create a patreon for it. Here I will be posting a new film-inspired illustration every month, along with:
  • Process sketches  
  • Alternate design concepts 
  • Notes on what inspired the particular design
  • Thoughts on what I hoped to accomplish with the illustration. 

First up is one of my absolute favorites, JOHN WICK. Here's a little peek:

Some of the other films on my list:
  • Man On Fire
  • John Wick 2
  • Taken
  • Drive
  • The Mask Of Zorro
  • Django Unchained
  • Hanna
  • First Blood
  • Haywire
  • The Bourne Identity
  • The Equalizer
  • The Chinese Connection
  • The Count of Monte Cristo

In this format I can sustain the production of these illustrations with the ability to:
  • Offer commentary to Patrons about the process of conceiving and executing these illustrations through patreon exclusive updates.
  • Choose which illustrations to execute based on input participation from Patrons.
  • Distribute digital and physical copies of the final illustrations to Patrons.

I invite you to check out the pledge tiers to the right and find the one that best suits your interests. I've aimed to provide a little something for everyone and make worthwhile rewards for all backers. If we reach our first subscriber goal (see left) we'll introduce a monthly poll to determine which film is illustrated next!

***Please note that this Patreon is set up only to accept payment when a new Illustration is posted. So if there are any hectic months where output is slowed due to my workload, Patrons will not be charged :) Posts will be at the end of each month, starting March 2016***

Below are a few examples of the type of illustrations I'll be posting for Patrons (the rest can be found on my website). Eagle-eyed viewers will notice the hidden imagery in many of these-- I intend to infuse the Revenge-Action-Thriller illustrations with the same attention to detail whenever the design allows :)

Thanks very much for your time and interest!
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At 20 Patrons, a monthly poll will be introduced that will allow Patrons to get more involved in the process by voting on the next film illustration in the series!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts

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