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Thanks for the support. Every bit helps.
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A bigger thanks. Your internet name will be posted on the supporter page of IceWarm.Org with links to your Twitter profile, Facebook page, your own personal website, podcast or whatever you prefer.
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Priority access to Magic The Gathering game nights and mini tournaments once that reward level is unlocked. Also own a piece of Stump A Trek Nerd history. Past questions from Stump A Trek Nerd printed and signed by me. Please note currently shipping is only to the United States at this time. If you live elsewhere we can make arrangements to ship internationally.




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About Mike/IceWarm

Hello, my name is Mike. you may know me better as IceWarm. I do all kinds of cool things on the internet such as The Classic Wrestling Cast. You may have also heard me guest on a few podcasts here and there and the occasional video game live stream and my YouTube Channel. I also create quite a bit of content for the Fantasy Flight card/dice game, Star Wars Destiny. My YouTube channel is full of videos for this.

I also work behind the scenes on various podcasts on The Frogpants Network such as The Morning Stream, Film Sack, and Current Geek to just name a few. Those Stump Dunaway questions you hear on The Morning Stream are written by me, sometimes with intentional spelling errors. :) I also write trivia for the Pop Quiz segment you hear on Current Geek.

What you're pledging for is to allow me to continue doing the podcasts that I produce as well as my work behind the scenes on various other shows.

What you'll be supporting is the possibility for me to continue entertaining you on a regular basis through my actions on my shows and behind the scenes on others.

Please note this is not an official Frogpants venture but I've been given permission from Scott Johnson to pursue it.

Money raised here will go to:
  • Hosting/Server costs of my main site IceWarm.Org
  • Possible equipment purchases/upgrades(better mics, mixers, and cameras)
  • My ability to possibly do what I do full time.
Here is a list of all the projects I work on:
  • Stump Dunaway on The Morning Stream
  • The Pop Quiz on Current Geek,
  • Behind the scenes work on Film Sack and several other Frogpants shows,
  • Host of the Classic Wrestling Cast
  • Star Wars Destiny videos on my YouTube channel

If you enjoy what I do feel free to donate. Every bit helps and is greatly appreciated.

Thanks and take care

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At this level I'll create a daily video for my YouTube Channel. These video will cover everything from videos games, to personal VLOGS, to Magic The Gathering, wrestling, Star Wars Destiny,  and so on. You'll get mini game review videos, Magic deck videos and more.
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