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I will ask the sockfairy to guide home any wayward socks you might have
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About Icky Spriggins

HOLD ONTO YOUR SOCKS, things are about to get a bit woolly.

Deep down at the dark end of the washing machine, there lives a funny, wee fellow.
...And his name is Icky Spriggins.

A writer, illustrator, costume designer/maker and sock botherer here to spin a yarn to anyone who would listen. The works here are truly Revolting, with goblins, socks, overlords and plenty of nonsense.

Since I am just starting on this jolly journey, I genuinely appreciate anyone who takes the time if only to stop by and sigh wistfully about a long-lost sock.
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If I manage to accumulate 10 fans of my story, I'll sort out a discord doodad to conveniently chat with you lot so I can easily listen to any advice you may have, or just hang out and talk about nothing.
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