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About Identified Unknown

Hi There Everyone! Thank you so much for stopping in! I decided to start making YouTube videos to fill a small passion of mine.

That Passion is passing on knowledge through a creative outlet. I strongly believe that information is key to understanding and implementing true value, because of this belief I have wanted to pass along information that fascinates me, as well as information i have never before knew until doing some of my videos. Staying curious has this special effect on ones psych, keeping the mind sharp and young. If you never question something with a why, or learn something you didn't know you didn't know, how do you know if you are really expanding your bubble of who you are? For example, one may grow his/her whole life believing that a helicopter has never flown to the top of mount Everest, this is because this was a fact until 2005 (Eurocopter AS350 Squirrel, May 14, 2005). This is something we were all taught in school growing up, and most would argue tooth and nail about. Then we receive this new information and you may go, oh, i didn't even know that i didn't know the truth of this topic, because i learned this as fact and never again questioned. Thus, your mind has now become a little sharper and you slightly more keen, stay fresh on your information!

I am a full time worker, part time college student and full time father. I do this channel for fun with by myself and with my children; to get a creative, build things, learn research and find out amazing things. This also happens to be my "stress free" release in my life. To be completely honest the inspiration for the channel originated from getting tired of hearing these types of statements: "What has Space ever done for me?", "Why is discovery important?" ; "Art and Science are not connect." ; "Does science even matter?" ; "I had that idea 20 years ago.".

I, like many of you, aspire to paint a better vision of tomorrow. There are accomplishments of mankind that our so absolutely and astonishing in our recent past, that the future could very easily hold things such as: flying cars, living comfortably on mars, having recyclables be instantly recycled in your very own home. These amazing things, are just around the corner, some of the "science fiction" technology out there is available today. We live in such an amazing place, with such an abundance of information before us. Two of the best things ever told to me, "Information is power, and In an era of information ignorance is a choice because the information is there." and "No ones going to do it for you, so you better start walking."

Check out my YouTube channel! Learn Something New!!

Your Patreon Pledge will get you access to exclusive videos where i dive deeper into topics i touch on on my YouTube channel. I will also post all my videos from YouTube here as well for your viewing pleasure. Pledges as small as $1.00 a month to as large as $20.00 a month is super helpful and I am grateful. This allows me to support my YouTube channel in a stress free manner and continue making content to spread some of the available knowledge out there, to every day people.

Thanks for your support!
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Once i reach this amount i will be able to hire another person to help me with my dream of spreading fun information around and painting this better future of tomorrow. This will not only allow me to bring you more content on the weekly, but higher quality content all around.

Thank you everyone for helping me inch towards this goal!
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