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is creating Concept art, storyboard art, and digital Illustrations
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Where you’ll see WIPS, studies and sketches!
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Oh wow, Thank you so much! Everything from the other tiers and more! Will be able to commission me a colored sketch from the start : 3 will have access to finished pieces I won’t upload anywhere for a while, plus tutorials!




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About Jessie M

Hello lovelies, I’m Jess! This’ll be my page where I upload sketches, scrapped artworks, WIPS, and so much more! If you’re interested in seeing more of my original artwork, comics, and independent projects, this would be a great way to support me and save up for an art college! If you decide to support me, thank you thank you so much!
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A step to help me through adulthood and pay for future college expenses and achieve my dreams!
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