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Thank you so much for contributing and becoming a patron. You will officially join our community, have access to our patron only content, and be able to contribute word ideas, script ideas, and anything else that you think might help us develop this series. Welcome to the team.  You are making this series possible and enriching the lives of everyone who tunes in. 
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You will be covering $2.00 of the production budget of the next video, and will therefore receive a production credit at the end of the video. We really appreciate your support, and we will let you know with a personal thank you.




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About I Heart Words

We started "I Heart Words" because we love words. Yes, we are complete word nerds. 

Art is all about expression, and words are one of our greatest expressive tools. We can capture a feeling and arouse an emotion, not only for the moment, but forever. Words are special to us, and we want to share our appreciation.

We're here to help expand your working vocabulary, and we would love to become a part of your routine. Keep up with the videos. Experiment with the words. Welcome them into your life. They will enrich you and everyone around you.

Please consider becoming a patron to this series. Our current goal is $30 per creation. We would love to keep this series alive and strong.


I Heart Words Production Team 
$25 of $30 per creation
We'd like to create a sustainable production schedule that produces a steady stream of new videos. In order to do that, we're aiming to raise $30 per video.
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