is creating digital art, 3d sculpture, painting, media art, lighting art
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Artistry Board
per month

- Unveiled Iljan's working process

- Full photos from current, past exhibitions

- As well as video materials

- Current work schemes

The Lovecraft Backyard
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Contains the most psychodelic and abstract creatures from our practice, which can serve your purposes as well.

-all rewards from Artistry Board

-access to original obj files 

-access to full-size subconscious gallery

Creative Coding
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-All rewards from Artistry Board

- Creative coding for artists

- Live coding videos

- Processing, OpenFrameWorks, C#, Unity

- Experimenting with tools and technologies



About "IlJan"

Hi guys!
We are a duo of multi-media artists currently based in London. We would like to invite you our amazing art journey! Our arts are literally multi-media arts such as using digital materials and classical instruments and we are currently working on combining and enhancing our practices with the support of you and each other. 

We want to show you our works and at the same time, share our personal knowledge of the creation field. For example, apart from the final pieces, you will see live coding session, abstract painting live stream and much more. However, we need to cover our physical needs in terms of materials and future development budget. So, that's here where You and other Patreons come in!

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