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You're taking it to a new level my guy
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Fooking awesome my guy much appreciated
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Hi all still learning the ropes on Patreon but basically this page is set up so that you can once a month show your support for the stream. This is without question the best possible way to support me and it can be as simple as one dollar per month.

In Return i will be doing giveaways for each Patreon goal we reach.. As it stands i have a goal set at 5 Patreons. Once we reach the magic number i will be doing a Giveaway on the channel for all the subs. Further down the line i will be holding these giveaways for patreons only.

So jump aboard and as we progress i will get the hang of this site and there will be more perks for you as a patron. <3

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5 Patreon's = Skin Giveaway (Ireland & UK Hoody)
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