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Every Patron will have access to a bunch of exclusive stuff, including:
  • Free downloads of every new remix I release, days or weeks before they're released to the public.
  • Hearing my original tracks before they're officially released.
  • Access to Patreon-exclusive streams, which will include music production, DJing, drawing, and maybe occasionally video games (don't worry, I won't become a game streamer!)
  • Access to free downloads of COMPLETELY EXCLUSIVE content, such as unreleased/WIP tracks, alternate mixes of tracks, and artwork.
  • Free downloads of occasional DJ mixes.
  • Commentary on my tracks.
  • The ability to vote in polls for which remixes and tracks I should work on next!
  • If I start to release merch one day, you'll be able to order it before anyone else, as well as get a discount for being a Patron!
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Pledge $5 or more to get free downloads of every EP I release, including past and future releases.

[Also includes all previous rewards]
Trash Panda
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Pledge $10 or more to also get free downloads of every full album I release in the future (You would technically also get every past album, but I haven't released any yet!)
[One-time reward:] You'll also receive an original digital lineart sketch of Sawtooth, my raccoon mascot, as a thank you.

[Also includes all previous rewards]




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About Immobius

Hey there! I'm Immobius, an electronic music producer, artist, and DJ. My style incorporates elements from modern club music, 8- and 16-bit video game soundtracks, and a number of other miscellaneous genres -- basically, if I like it, I'll try and emulate it at some point in my own music.

While I have a lot of original music, many of my fans and followers found me through some of the video game and anime remixes I've done (for instance, my "Chemical Plant Zone"/"Stayin' Alive" mashup or my Undertale "Dogsong" remix). This is awesome, and I'm glad to have gotten so much positive feedback over the past few years! But, unfortunately, I can't make money directly from my remixes (at least not without jumping through a bunch of legal hoops!)

So instead, I've set up this Patreon page. Now the fans of my remixes will have the opportunity to financially support my music!

"How often will you release music?"
Well, that depends, really. Back in 2014, I challenged myself to release at least one track per month, and I was able to stick to that schedule for a whole year.
If I can start this up again, that means I could theoretically release a remix every month, with original EPs coming out every couple of months or so.

"What if I can't afford/don't want to pay for your music??"
That's fine! I'll still be releasing all my remixes for free, but the general public will have to wait a little longer for releases (basically, Patrons will get to hear/download tracks before everyone else, but everyone will still get them!)

I do ask that if you can't help financially, then please help by sharing my music with other people!

"What about your original tracks? Will you still be making those?"
I'll still be releasing original music, but keep in mind that this Patreon page is ONLY for my remixes. If you want to support my original music, you can simply purchase it over on my Bandcamp page (and eventually I'll get those tracks up on iTunes, Spotify, etc).
HOWEVER, some of the Patreon reward tiers also include free downloads of my original music. So if you like both my remixes and my original music, that might be a better option!

"You're doing this Patreon thing all wrong!"
I don't know a whole lot about how to best use Patreon, so if there's something I could be doing or offering to make things better for my fans, let me know!
$0 of $1 per remix
Wow, I'm actually making money for my music! Thanks, person!
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