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Hello everyone my name is Jonathan Westfall AKA 8BitsperPlay. I am a hobbyist game developer that recently started working on a project called Immortal Chronicles. There are two other members of the team working on it.

Immortal Chronicles is a Metroidvania game started in October 2019. immortal chronicles has been heavily inspired by games like Aria of Sorrow, Super Metroid, and Hollow Knight. The lore behind Immortal Chronicles follow the Greek and Norse gods being sealed away by Thanatos for angering him.

You find yourself standing in front of the castle you'd been searching for. Upon entering, a familiar apparition levitates before you. "So, we meet again, old friend," Thanatos, the spirt of death says, taunting you as he always does. "I know why you've come here. Yes, the Fountain of Youth IS inside. You want to be rid of me forever, is that it? Very well. Ordinarily I take mortals outright when they get this far, but since we have such a chumming history, I offer you this game. Within this castle are deadly traps and dangerous monsters, the likes of which you've never seen! Find the Fountain of Youth if you can, but should you perish along the way, you will take my place as the new spirit of Death." Journey forth, young adventurer. Brave the castles traps. Defeat the most dangerous montsers. Seek out the Fountain of Youth and be rid of your fears of death forever. Along the way you'll meet some Gods. Loki, Zeus, Chronos, Charon and many more. Will you destroy them and seize their power, or make them your allies and receive their blessings? Will you help or harm the denizens of the castle's town? Survive or perish? The choices are up to you, and you alone.

Every dollar given will be used for creating the project. The money will be used for hiring more members of the project such as artist or musicians. Or if need be a box of Hot-Pockets for lunch.

For everyone that donates there will be stuff given out so they can see how the project is going.
To anyone that reads this post I would like to say thank you for taking your time to show interest in my project.

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Thank you for pushing me out of the hobbit hole and putting me on an adventure.
Yep this milestone is just to say we are off to see the wizzard.
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