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Hi there everyone! I am Misaki. Sorry if my art isn't as good as everyone else's here, but hope to get better in the future. I am fifteen years old and starting high school. I love looking at people's art no matter how it looks because everyone has their own unique style.

1. Roses

2. Plushies

3. Sweets

4. Horror

5. YouTube

6. Art

7. Anything Music Related

8. Sewing

9. Photo's

10. Animations

11. Musicals

12. Making My Own Oc's

13. Getting Art Requests Depending If Its Inspiring To Me Or Not

14. Knowing I Am Making People's Day


1. Bullies

2. Fakers

3. Liars

4. Seeing People Unhappy

5. Drama

6. People Who Beg

7. Those Who Aren't Patient

8. Racism

9. Peanut Butter

10. Some Romance Movies

11. Sunlight

12. My Heart Condition

13. Sleeveless Clothing

14. Short...Shorts

15. Cheaters

16. Backstabbers

17. People Wearing Make Up Thinking They Aren't Pretty

18. Me Wearing Make up, But Okay With Chapstick

19. Cyberbullies

20. Accusers

21. Math

Strange Things I Like

1. Needles

2. Blood/Gore

3. My Little Pony

4. Toys

5. Dark Chocolate

6. Barbie

7. Cartoons

8. Others Blushing

9. Seeing People Cry Because They Look Cute When Crying, But Breaks My Heart At The Same Time

10. Touching People's ShortHair

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