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About Impeach 45

Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort has been found guilty of eight counts of bank and tax fraud. 

Michael Cohen, Trumps personal lawyer and "fixer" has pled guilty to campaign finance violations as well as bank and tax fraud.

Brett Kavanaugh who was unconstitutionally forced through the confirmation process is a liar and a rapist, supported of course by our very own 45. 

Trump himself is obviously guilty of a host of other crimes, including collusion with Russia, perjury and conspiracy to keep information from Congress and the FBI.

Despite all this, Nancy Pelosi thinks that impeaching Trump is "not a priority".


We're building a resistance movement aimed at defeating Trump once and for all, and to do that we need your help. From Nancy Pelosis statements, it is clear that even "allies" in this fight need to be convinced to do the right thing. If you decide to participate in the Resistance, we can build a global Movement to challenge racism, fascism and sexism, and not only make sure that Trump gets impeached, but that none like him can ever reach high office again!

Tom Steyer said it very well in his video. 

Join six millions Americans in the Resistance!
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With a hundred members, the core of the Resistance is strong and healthy! 

As we reach a hundred supporters, we can start dedicating ourselves to an organized lobbying movement aimed at both Democrats and Republicans who can provide us with the final votes needed to impeach the President. 
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