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Star Wars: Imperial Assault (skirmish) is my favorite game.  Ever!  And so, when my copy of the IA Core Set arrived in January 2015, I immediately started designing a Vassal mod for it, because I wanted to be able to play Imperial Assault skirmish with people all around the world.  Nothing will ever beat the thrill and connection of playing an in-person, face-to-face game, but Vassal is a solid secondary option for those times when you can't get to the LGS or gaming convention...and for many of us, that's most of the time.

I have found that when a game becomes available to play on Vassal, it brings a tremendous benefit to the community of players: friends who meet at GenCon or regional events can easily reconnect and play from different cities and around the world; international tournaments can happen without the prohibitive costs of airfare and accommodations; new players can learn the game and improve their skills, etc.  Oh yes, and speaking of skills, it seems that just about all of the best players in the game also play regularly on Vassal.  Coincidence?  Methinks not!

You can download the most recent version of the module (currently version 11.0) right here and follow the Change/Update Log on BoardGameGeek.

It seems like this Vassal module has found a place in the IA skirmish community!  What a thrill for me as the creator!  I've lost count of the number of IA Vassal Tournaments I've been able to play in.  I see seasoned players welcoming new players to the game and inviting them to get on Vassal.  I've spoken to players who say that they play several games per week.  Wow!

This level of impact inspires me to continually improve the module, to make players' IA Vassal experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.  Almost right from the start, people have suggested improvements and requested new features, and I've done my best to make them happen.  Some requests have been easy to implement.  Some have seemed impossible to me at first, but extensive trial and error has produced great solutions.  And some are still not far as I know right now.  Regardless, it seems like I've always got something written down on my "Vassal To-Do" list.

And that's where you come in.  My financial situation has changed over the past year, with the result that I no longer have the means to buy my IA stuff when it is released.  This drastically hinders my ability to update the Vassal module, since I don't know what needs to be included or the mechanics of how it works.  Your Patreon donations will enable me to buy my IA stuff right away and get the Vassal module updated ASAP every time.

Whether a little or a lot, every donation helps.  So please, sign up as a Patron today!

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