is creating Collage & re-assembled amusing 2nd chance alt/art prints & cards
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About IncoNegro

July 29, 2019

I've been using art as my own personal therapy. Survived two surgeries in these last two years. Fought breast cancer & kicked butt along the way. Really just ignored what was bothersome and embraced a whole lotta love. So I began the recovery part of the trip focusing on greeting cards. Something I've always enjoyed doing and as my support Team shared my journey, I was encouraged to think about using the cards to proclaim a fresh new "revenue stream". That lasted just about the same amount of time it took "the ink to dry" on that "note to self". Effort zapped my time, consumed all  my printer toner and diverted me from my true passion: searching for odds & ends at thrift stores and in old boxes of "stuff' around my house.

The amazing thing is that My old college roommate searched & found me just maybe two  months ago. She had junk too as it turns out. And was happy to share it. The "Getting in Gear"
series reflects my new treasures.
“INCONEGR0” is the working persona used by Los Angeles-based artist/illustrator, collage-enthusiast Judith Bowman. “Retired” now, Judith ‘s current Mission: turning her hobby-- crafting cards and collages into saleable art.

Judith works on scrap paper, distressed cardboard and a variety of similarly interesting found materials. Wood, metal, wire and the occasional piece of leather usually hold things together. Assemblage and 3-dimension works feature pieces of broken jewelry, no-mate earrings, and lost, tossed, run-over road-kill metal. Interesting textures, rogue building supplies and the ubiquitous thin wire complete those one-of-kind creations.

“Self-taught” except for the graphic design class she stumbled into through a Registration “glitch” (all of the early 2000s’ computer software classes were over-booked that Quarter), Judith uses collage to communicate and share her ideas. It’s story-telling, just more subtle and with no real reading component involved. Politics, governmental ideals (gone wrong), the Black Experience and Life in general are recurring themes. Newspaper headlines, ad copy as edited help “explain” the messages.

The paper collages sometimes include her own rather idiosyncratic and amusing hand-drawn characters.

Judith is grateful for the patronage among friends and encouragement shown from local gallery owners who have allowed her work to be included in their “emerging artists” group shows: Frank Romeo @ his gallery in Frog town; Ayo the architect @ his loft studio at The Brewery; and Ben McGinty and his "The Gallery @ the End of the World".

Judith’s work is available for sale--originals or prints. Each print suitable for framing. Consignments are welcome.

Contact Info: [email protected] or text/call (626) 703-1230.

Payment through PayPal is also offered. 
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   11:56 a.m./03.05.2019

from The Lost Files...2017

New project.
Well the project is only kinda new. And the year seems like it's heading into the final quarter?
But my "new" part is sharing all the stuff I've created and never shared from before 2017.
Want you all along for the ride.

It's a publishing project. Creating mini books. Graphic in the sense they're illustrated. Using Zen fables, folk tales from around the world, and sometimes just featuring my own hand-drawn characters that use proverbs or sayings to "explain" what the caricature might be thinking at that very moment. 

Some of you have actually been receiving some of these images/stories and hand-made cards, silly collages, strange artwork for years. Relax. My techniques have improved over time.
My focus as one year ends and another begins is to move from hobbyist to artist.
The starving artist mantra gives way to a dedicated entreprenubian war cry!
Welcome aboard...jbnLA
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@ $250 /month pledged, we will be able to start publishing the second item in our list of 2017 proposed projects.
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