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Hello everyone! I create gaming content for YouTube (so unique wow), and I focus mostly on the strategy genre. Total War is amongst one of my favourite series, and as a result dominates my content. I also play a lot of turn-based tactical games and RPG's which may show up on the channel. I enjoy curating games and mods and presenting them to you in my SHOWCASE series. I would very much like to form a community around the channel.

I began creating as a hobby and outlet for creativity - and have learned a lot in the process. I do not expect to be paid as a result. Ultimately though it is a personal goal of mine to supplement my income, or perhaps supplant it, with ad revenue generated through my content, and becoming a Patron is an excellent way to show support of the channel.

I would use funds donated to purchase titles, hardware, and software used to produce content. I would like to offer more SHOWCASE videos, but this can hurt the wallet. AAA games are usually out of the question, due to personal time constraints and cost. 

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