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The Independent News Network is bringing truth and knowledge to the daily news! Daily news has gotten either boring or too partisan to watch. People now days are either too far left or too far right in their views and that shows whenever people watch the news. Break the filter bubble! How about an Independent daily news show that is both truthful and not politically tilted in either direction. The Independent News Network puts Independent back in news. Breaking the duopoly in politics is how people get to the truth in the news. No filter bubbles here. This is not Republicans vs democrats or team blue vs team red. The Independent News Network is on team truth. Truth is the medicine for the ignorant. Don't get stuck on either side of the politically isle. Realize that their are good policies on the left and the right. And to just be on the left or the right is what the people who created the poltical system want you to think. They want people neatly divided into two poltical groups for which they can more easily control. Don't be the 1%'s pawn. Elevate your consciousness above the two political parties system. And arise with your freedom you truthseeker! 
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The audio quality needs improvement! The mic quality will improve so much with your support! Thank you to all of my patrons! I love you all! 
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