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About Damien Muth

Dear Patrons,

My name is Damien Muth and I'm primarily known as The Indie Critic. I run a YouTube channel that focuses on Independent Video Games! Down below I have listed off many common questions about the channel, what it is, and why I'm using Patreon. So if you have a minute please give it a read and consider supporting my little Independent Show!

What Is The Indie Critic YouTube Channel about?
The Indie Critic YouTube channel is about highlighting amazing Independent Video Games. On the channel we have four major series of videos, one smaller series, and a Patreon Exclusive series, which we'll discuss here!

First off we have Indie Picks, a show where I highlight an older Indie Game that isn't really talked about that much anymore and I bring a spotlight to it showing you what was so great about it. Usually in these videos if you look hard enough you'll be able to find a key for the game hidden in a single frame. These videos come out either once or twice a week, depending on the Indie Reviews series.

Secondly we have Indie Reviews, a show where I do a critical look at a new Indie Game that's released that week. Usually these videos range from 10-20 minutes long, generally there are one or two Indie Reviews that come out a week. This may change with the releases of games, either slowing down, or speeding up.

Thirdly we have The Indie Critic, this is personally my favorite series in the lot. In Indie Critic videos we take a comedic over the top look at terrible Indie games. There's a lot of tasteless jokes in these videos and over the top editing. Generally it takes around 30-40 hours to make a single Indie Critic video which is why these only come out once every two-three weeks.

The fourth and final series on the channel is, The Film Critic. These videos are similar to the Indie Critic just for films. This is an experimental series that I'll be testing out these coming months. These videos take a very long time to make so they'll only be out once a month.

The smaller series is Indie Plays which is just an upload from https://go.twitch.tv/indiecriticshow This one has no editing to it and will come out one day before the release of one of the major series videos.

The Patreon exclusive series is a bad film watch along with Brandon, and myself. These videos will come out once a month and require you to acquire the movie yourself. At the start of the video we'll help sync your movie with the one we're watching, that way you'll get the commentary on the right scenes!

Where Will My Money Be Allocated?

The money I receive from Patreon will immediately go towards purchasing the Indie Games that will be played on the channel for that month. Any excess money from that month will go towards the Editing Software I use, which is a monthly subscription. It will also be moved to the rental fee's I have on this new mic I am using. If we by chance pass the $500 mark, the money will start going towards purchasing a new microphone, as well as crucial PC hardware updates. Once passing $1,500 a month I will heavily consider switching The Indie Critic to my primary source of income. However in the time before deciding that it will be going towards upgrading computers, and maybe even hiring on an editor so we can get out Indie Critics weekly!

Why Patreon?

The reason I have chosen Patreon is because this is the most trusted site for viewers like yourself to support creators like me. While supporting myself and others on Patreon you're also supporting yourself. You're creating a safety net for creators to rely on, helping them create the best content they can. If you choose to support me and my channel, I promise you I'll never give up on creating the best content I can!

Thank you very much for considering my channel,

Damien Muth

$0 of $150 per month
This money will go directly to affording the Indie Games featured on the channel for the month. It will take a lot of stress off me trying to afford all the latest games, less stress means better content!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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