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Talk of the Tavern
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  • You gain access to my personal Discord server.
  • You gain access to Nights in the Court, an after-show for all our games where we answer questions not only from each other, but from the members of our community!
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Dungeon Delver
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  • All previous rewards
  • Once a month you will receive a PDF of an adventure written by The Indoor Adventurer based on a One Shot Wednesday, or previous adventure run on the channel.
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Lich, Please.
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  • You will become an NPC in the current campaign setting.
  • A piece of Indoor's spirit lies within this donation tier. With this, you have become his phylactery.
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About Indoor Adventures

Tabletop RPGs four nights a week, discord access, aftershows, handwritten adventures written by The Indoor Adventurer, and that's just what we have for you so far!

The Four Keeps stream at 5:30 PM PST

Curse of Strahd stream at 5:30 PM PST


Ghosts of Saltmarsh stream at 5:30 PM PST

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