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Hello and thank you for looking at my page.

Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I am a nurse who works part time in an operating theatre. My knees are really bad and I am patiently waiting for replacements. I don't know how much longer I will be able to do my job.

Fortunately I am passionate about writing. Some readers consider my writing to be quite good. But I want to improve so I am taking some courses written by Holly Lisle. I find her inspirational and have a feeling she will be able to bring out the author in me.

I am also passionate about basic income. I support basic income activists and do what I can to bring information to the wider audience. By doing this I hope to stimulate debate and informed affirmative action around the topic.

So why have I opened up a page on Patreon?

I want to show that a basic income can free ordinary people up to be creative. Writing is my creativity so that is the medium I will be using to allow that to happen. I plan to let my patrons look over my shoulder as I learn the process of writing from Holly. They will get to watch as I plan and write a novel. Who knows after that - a trilogy maybe?

What will this project mean to me?

It will help to fund my learning and my first book. Some will cover the costs of writing classes, the rest will help me to turn down extra shifts at the hospital in favor of writing, allowing me to write my book without worrying about how to pay the next bill.

I have calculated that I would need $1300 USD a month for an effective basic income. The poverty line in Australia is $1800 AUD a month which works out to just over $1300 USD at current exchange rates. I am campaigning for a basic income rate of $1800 a month in Australia at the moment. So to make things realistic I have chosen $1300 a month USD.

To borrow from Scott Santens who said it far more eloquently than I could have:

At this point I am looking to reach 1,200 supporters here on Patreon, with a focus on small dollar amount patrons. It is a key emergent component of basic income, and therefore a basic income of $1,200 per month funded by 1,200 people is far more secure and stable than the same amount funded by 100 people. So please, if you support the work I'm doing thanks to the passion I have for helping make this idea happen in the world, please don't worry that $1 per month is too little. To the contrary, that and 1199 others doing the same, is extremely close to the security of a government provided basic income. And the support of 1,200 people here on Patreon will also show that much more support for the idea of basic income itself. Through effectively attaining my own basic income through my writing and advocacy, I will be free to begin more fully engaging in the grassroots organizing required to better help achieve it for everyone.

So what is this book I am writing?

Simply - I don't know yet! I know that sounds crazy but I do know that the book lies deep within my heart and will be written regardless of any support I get. Your support will make it much easier for me and bring it to publication much faster. Your support will also spur me on to find my inner muse and get on with writing instead of procrastinating. Supporters will get to read over my shoulder as I plan and write this book. Just in case you are worried that I am deluded, I have written a literary novella as well as a fantasy novel in the past. I am still struggling through endless rewrites of the fantasy novel since I decided to turn it into a trilogy.

If you would like to see a sample of my writing you can always look at my fictionalised semi autobiography Requiem's echo. if you support me for $10 or more I will send you a signed, print copy of the book free.

Then there are a couple of articles about basic income on Medium.

What will you get out of supporting me?

Well outside of the philanthropic satisfaction attached to your generosity, all those who support me for $1 or more will get access to my regular writing exercises from the Holly Lisle courses.  Those who support at higher levels will watch my novel unfold before their eyes, and those who offer $10 a month will receive a signed print copy of the finished novel.

Everything that goes around, comes around. So who am I supporting?

* Scott Santens because he does so much for basic income

Holly Lisle because her writing and classes inspire me

$0 of $500 per month
I am on my way - thank you to everyone who believes enough to offer support. When I reach this goal I will commit to writing a flash fiction or short story every month in addition to the work I currently put on the site.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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