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is creating Drumming of the Heart: Poetry and Prose of a Traveling Shaman
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About Ingrid Oliphant

I am a former law enforcement professional turned shaman and healer--sort of. I didn't actually choose to 'turn'; I was 'turned into' by forces much larger than me. In October 2013, three years into the process of becoming the who and what I am now, I chose to become homeless to bring the healing work I do across the country and follow visions shared with me by Ancestors. 

Unlike many modern healers, I have chosen to follow in the path of those that have come before, to work with those who live in poverty and cannot pay for services as well as those who have financial stability. I'm on a mission to change how we define healing and the holy. To that end, there is no set fee for the healing work--I've been paid in pickles and paintings. I truly believe that it is invaluable and priceless for those ready for it. I also believe it should be available to everyone regardless of their checking account and that shifting our view of economies and systems must begin at the grassroots level; at the place where real-life rubber hits the road.

In addition to traveling the US to heal individuals, I work with those that most cannot see: ancestors, elementals, the elements themselves and others identified as 'of spirit'.  

The visions they share and directions they point are the source of true stories and, when words won't flow in prose, poetry brings my relationships with the invisible to life in a way that others can share.

As travels and travails unfold, one of my support team, Jayme Hopkins, shares messages from spirit in the form of poured paintings. Her art is both guidepost and a reminder of the beautiful way I walk through the world.   Each piece of writing in the book will be accompanied by the painting connected to the story.   

This work is richly rewarding in many aspects, however there is no paycheck from the universe (and the winning lottery numbers have not been included with the visions!) and we struggle to meet our own needs as we help others meet theirs. 

The support of Patrons will allow us to continue to follow the vision and direction given by the Ancients as well as self-publish this collection of stories about how--any why--I've come to be this wisdom-keeper and magic-weaver. 

Supporters will help keep Tater (my 2006 Mini Cooper named so because when I took her off the lot, I hollered "Let 'er rip, Tater Chip!!!" and it stuck) on the road and Jayme in paint.  

$28 of $500 per month

This specific goal is to support both ends of the work Jayme and I do together. Jayme needs $200 in paint and other supplies and Tater needs gas and insurance for the next 2000 miles as we return to the Native Southwest where we began working in October 2014:

What you see above is the poured painting that contains within it guideposts and direction from Nayenengazi, the Navajo Slayer of Alien Gods, the current lead of my invisible council of cross-cultural and cross-continental beings.
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