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Thank you for your support! It really means a lot to me~!

(How patronage works: You'll get charged immediately and then again in a month. You'll always be charged first of the month! Also, you can change the amount you want to give. For example: If you choose the 5$ "The Supporters" tier - that comes with ALL of my work - you can edit the amount you want to give, obviously you can only can go higher. So even if it says 5$, you can change it to 6$ etc. BUT to get access to all of my work, you'll need to purchase one of these tiers:"The Supporters","The Protectors" or "The Guardians". Do not choose "The Helpers" if you want rewards. This tier comes without any benefits and exists only for support reasons. Since the prices are in $, I had to adjust the the numbers a little because most of my Supporters are from EU and so am I. This get's highly frustrating for me. Especially because they take a cut of the money I get. So for example. Example: Of the 5$ you decide to give, I only get around 2-3 EUR. That is why I adjusted the numbers in the higher tiers.)

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Soooo~ with this tier you get to see and download ALL the stuff I've been creating for the past years. Obviously that also counts for the new stuff I'll be making! Be prepared and enjoy! I apppreciate it a lot if you support me like this and I will always try to improve! I can't put in words how much your support means to me and how happy it makes me!

Thank you for everything!

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(Remember: everything is in $. Since I and most of my Patrons come from EU, I adjusted the prices. 12$ = 10EUR)

Still the same rewards as the one for 5$ but I may be updating this as soon as I get more patrons! If you decide on chosing this Tier, I would of course apppreciate it a lot and it also brings me one step closer to a new graphic tablet! ♥ Your support is very motivating. Especially because I'm someone who needs a kick in the butt. :D



About Shiyu

Welcome to my madness!

Hello! I'm a weird little girl living in a weird little world, just trying to find a place where I fit in. There are MANY MANY artists which are not as popular as others but still create great things! Every single one of them has their own way of art. In my opinion, there is no end to art. There are no rules. There is no wrong or right. I think everyone can create something beautiful if they just give it a try. I gave it a try, and I hope I'll grow in experience. When I was little I was enjoying pen and paper and I still do! To be honest.. The perfect present for me would be a flower bouquet made of pencils/markers! ( ^‿^ )/✿ Well anyway.. I still have a long way to go, since this journey is a never-ending one. You'll never quit learning something new and I enjoy that a lot! I appreciate everyone who will join me on this journey and help me out. It gives me a feeling that I get supported and it motivates me to keep creating art, even on dark days. You guys give me the feeling that this world has a place for people like me. So if others think we are weirdos and strangers.. why not be it together?

Do you accept commissions?

Yes! I do! I'll accept the commissions listed below. Don't hesitate to ask me for anything else tho! :)
  • Banners.
  • Avatars.
  • Signatures.
  • Layouts. (Twitch etc.)
  • Desktop and phone backgrounds.
  • Photo manipulation and retouch.

4% complete
I am grateful for every little help I get.. Right now I'm saving for an on-screen drawing tablet since my graphic tablet of 10 years, finally died. I don't want to waste money on a cheap one where I only can see on Computer what I'm doing. I feel more comfortable, confident and precise when I see exactly what I'm doing. Those kinds of tablets are sadly expensive but I hope one day my wish of getting one, comes true! 
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