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As a simple thank you to contributing to our future projects, you are awarded a special Discord role to show off with pride, that gives you access to a special Patreon supporters channel, and receive EXCLUSIVE weekly updates on the production of our web series, 5 Years Later.

You will also get your name featured in every YouTube video released during the months you are a current Patron. 

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You will receive access to the exclusive Ink Tank Instagram, to keep up-to-date with all of our professional and personal experiences. 

You will also receive the option to view episodes of Pen 2 Paper early, and see some exclusive to only Patreon! 

You will also receive all previous tier rewards. 

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For being so generous, we'll give you access to a confidential Google Drive that has never-before-seen illustrations, concept art, and other fun behind-the-scenes treats. The drive will be updated at least once a month with new content to explore. 

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About The Ink Tank

We are a small production company that focuses on all mediums of entertainment, officially founded in 2018 by Rob Orpilla and Hurshie Williams.

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