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I will combine all of the world, the most exotic, breaking off nuggets from the crust and testing them to display the purity of the work, experimenting with combinations of these nuggets and following the path that hansel and gretel have laid out back where we have come from. I will also shake myself from the signal to get away from knowledge and back to source.  I will go to the heart after the mind when contemplating and the reverse when together. I will change and seek minimalistic entropy, while avoiding redundancy, I will recognize struggles as a concerto in the game of life and assume a role of janitor, I will seek the lowest point, giving what is given. I will burrow and use tools to extract the honey from the comb respecting the writer who can not act and the actor who does not write.  I will remain watchful vigilant, interceding as a whistleblower but surviving first from spirit*. Responsibility and freedom, ownership, wisdom, effort and privilege,  little i big u. Setting aside time for humility from failure . 

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