Inna K.

is creating Portraits, Drawings, and Oil Paintings.



About Inna K.

Hi everyone!
I'm absolutely thrilled to be able to share my art with you. Seeing people light up when they look at a piece of mine is one of the best feelings I've ever experienced, and comments and feedback are always welcome!

From live models or from photos, human or animal, portraits are what I do best. Whether you'd like to have yourself, a loved one, or a furry friend mesmerize people from an everlasting canvas, I am always happy to oblige, and will try my best to make costs attainable for everyone. Feel free to send me a message along with your gorgeous photos :)

I'll be posting all kinds of pieces, so hop on and enjoy the constant splash of art. If you like it enough, feel free to become a patron.
Thanks for chugging through this long intro, I'm very happy you've visited my page :)

Hoping to put smiles on your faces,
Inna K.
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