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is creating Fund to better Black Communities so we can better our country

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Welcome To The Inner Source Network

Inner Source Network started in about 2012 original name was Revel Nation back in those days, since then we have transform and matured and now focused on our long-standing goal of helping our communities become better one person at a time. Some One will or SOW foundation has been simmering and now it's ready to take its position in our communities to help reeducate those who have been mis-educated and disenfranchised due to the lack of knowledge of who they are. We plan to help revitalize our communities by pulling together some of the worlds most intelligent minds coupled with good strong hearts that are willing to do the work to fix a broken community but does not see that does not see how to correct itself. Ultimately our goal is to strengthen the African-American community so that we can become a better contributor to America as a whole and to the world, by investing in our communities re-education, physically and mental health, and economic stability. We can't do this without you when you donate know that you are helping entire communities that need to become a better contributor to our country as a whole now. Although we have been splattered and separated from the well to do to the homeless, now is time for us to come together. Please consider donating whether it's a 1000.00 , $.50 or even your time. Together we can make a better world a better place and but it starts with one person at a time. Thank you and we look forward to having you join our cause.

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