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About Inside_Abandoned

Inside_Abandoned - is a leisure project about neglected and many forgotten or little-known places. Attention is also drawn to the industrial, perhaps even currently working objects which are contaminated with apocalyptic mood. Goshtly objects are captured in videos and photographs.

For the future plans more places will be investigated within the aim to examine the cirmustances of emergence and abondement of the objects and its history. Following this, some episodes will be created about the most majestic places and uploaded into internet. By this, I will raise the awarness of people about history that it haven't left us and that history is still living between us. Also, boost some inspiration for younger or elderly investigators to go and discover themselves and do not abond the history just like those objects currently are. Episodes will not only include places in Lithuania but also abroad showing the undiscovered secret and impressions of adventure.

In order for those plans to become realistic, I would need for finacial support in order to guarantee the quality of this project as specific equipments are needed like camera with high resoliution in low light filming. Also, these money will be used for safety and preparation.
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When I reach $150 per month, I’ll start a special series about places witch I visit and its story. 1-2 serries per month.
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